Ergo is a Law School Magazine by Law students, for Law students. We have three primary ambitions, here on Ergo.

The first is to enable Law aspirants to be aware of their options before they take up entrance examinations. To help them make a more reasoned choice about their preferences on the CLAT form. Our idea is to ensure that everybody picking one University over another, has a distinct reason for doing so, apart from fallacious rankings published by various media houses.

The second is to spread some legal awareness. About the enriching experience of events, and about developments in the Law, itself. Nothing too fancy, but nothing too light. The Law is inaccessible to several individuals, and we’re trying to change that. Aside from the magazine, through social service initiatives, we’re hoping to bring the Law closer to everybody, and inform individuals about possibilities of studying the Law.

The third is to connect Law school students with each other. As a smaller fraternity (in comparison to the hordes of engineers our country churns out), there’s a reason for us to be closer. Law school is hectic, crazy, and filled with challenges, and somewhere, someone else is experiencing something similar to what you’re feeling. Our ambition is to ensure that everybody studying at a Law school is able to find someone to connect to. And what better way to do that than to read about their experiences.

Ergo, Ergo.

But we’re not just all about the Law. We’ve got fun sections too. Creatives, Memes, Crosswords, Comics.

You name it, we’ve got it.

You’re at a Law School? Ergo is your magazine.

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